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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Blessed Anthony Neyrot

Feast Day: April 10
Born: (around) 1420 :: Died: 1460

Anthony was born in northern Italy and he joined the Dominican order to study to become a priest at Florence, in Italy. There the head of the order Saint Antoninus, had a great influence on Blessed Anthony.

Brother Anthony was sailing from Naples to Sicily when pirates captured the ship. Anthony was taken to Tunis and sold as a slave. Finally Anthony was set free, but lost his faith in Jesus, stopped going to Church and gave up his religious vocation.

Instead, he accepted the Koran, the sacred book of the Muslims and for many months, he practiced the Muslim religion. He also got married.

In the meantime, the head of the Dominican order the saintly Antoninus, died. Then one night, Anthony had a shocking dream. St. Antoninus appeared to him and talked to him. Whatever they talked about changed Anthony in such a way that he became truly sorry for letting Jesus down so badly.

He knew that in his heart he could never give up his faith in Jesus and could only be a Catholic. He also realized that he still wanted very much to be a Dominican brother.

Blessed Anthony sent his wife back to her family and he then put on his white Dominican habit. In spite of his fear, he went to see the ruler of Tunis. A large crowd gathered and the ruler came out to the courtyard.

Brother Anthony publicly admitted he had made a terrible mistake by becoming a Muslim. He was a Catholic. He believed in and loved Jesus. He was a Dominican and wanted to be so for all his life.

The ruler was very angry. He first threatened Anthony and then he promised him rewards if only Anthony would remain a Muslim. But Anthony could not do it. He knew this meant his death and he knelt down and began to pray for the courage to give his life for Jesus.

Suddenly he felt the large stones pounding him. He just kept praying for the strength to remain true to the Lord. Then he became unconscious. Anthony died a martyr in 1460. Some merchants from Genoa, Italy, took his remains back to his own country.

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