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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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St. Soter & St. Caius

Feast Day: April 22
Born: St. Soter lived in the second century and St. Caius in the third century

St. Soter was born at Fondi, Latium in Italy and his father was a Greek. He was the twelfth pope and bishop of Rome at the time of the Roman emperors. He was a real father to all Christians and did much to help the poor. He took special care of those who had been punished and sent to work in dangerous mines because they would not give up their faith in Jesus.

These brave Christians were kept hungry all the time and not allowed much rest. Other Christians were chained in prisons. Good Pope Soter did everything he possibly could to comfort and help them.

St. Soter also helped Christians who were far away from Rome. This holy pope was a great preacher. All the Christians loved to listen to him explain the Catholic faith. He spoke with such love. People who listed to him were filled with the courage to die for Jesus rather than worship false gods.

St. Soter himself gave his life for Jesus and died a martyr in the year 174, ten years after he was made pope. At his tomb are written the words "Saint Soter, master of charity, pray for us!"

St. Caius was pope about one hundred years later. He, too, lived in times of great trouble for Christians. This pope did all he could to prepare people to keep the faith at any sacrifice.

To help his people better, he lived eight years in underground rooms, called catacombs. These were cemeteries where the Christians often met in secret to pray and receive the sacraments. This was their hiding place from the cruel pagan soldiers. The Christians knew they would be killed if they were caught.

St. Caius was pope for twelve years. Then he, too, was martyred. He died in the year 296.

Reflection: Let us pray that God may give strength and courage to those who are ill-treated throughout the world because they are Christians.

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