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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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St. Justin

Feast Day: June 01
Born: (around) 100 :: Died: (around) 166

St. Justin was from Samaria. His father brought him up without any belief in God. When he was a boy, Justin read poetry, history and science. As he grew up, he kept on studying trying to find the truth about God.

One day as he was walking along the seashore, Justin met an old man and they began to talk. Justin looked troubled, so the man asked him what was on his mind. Justin explained that he was unhappy because he had not found the truth about God in all the books he had read. The old man told him about Jesus, the Savior and asked Justin to pray so that he would be able to understand the truth about God.

St. Justin began to pray and to read the Word of God, the Bible. He grew to love it very much. He was also impressed to see how brave the Christians were who were dying for their belief in and love for Jesus. Soon Justin became a Christian. Then he used his great knowledge to explain and defend the faith with many writings.

In Rome St. Justin was arrested for being a Christian. The judge asked him, "Do you think that by dying you will enter heaven and be rewarded?" "I don't just think so," the saint answered. "I am sure of it!" He along with many other Christians were killed for their faith in Jesus. They gladly died as martyrs around the year 166."

Reflection: How often do I read the Bible? Let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us love the word of God and to keep our faith strong. We can say this little prayer of faith: "My God, I believe in you."

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