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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Blessed Michelina

Feast Day: June 20
Born: 1300 :: Died: 1356

Michelina was born at Pesaro, Urbino in Italy. Her family was very rich and she married Duke Malatesta when she was twelve years old. Michelina was a happy person by nature and did not seem to have a problem in the world. But when she was just twenty, her husband died. All of a sudden, Michelina found herself alone with a little son to raise.

The young mother anxiously tried to find happiness in the things around her. She attended one party after another and was always on the look out for fun and fancy meals. She couldn't seem to have enough of the good things that life offered.

After a while though, she realized that her son needed her more and that she was also responsible for how she used her money and time. Michelina felt as though her life was empty and decided to settle down and became a responsible adult.

A holy Franciscan lay woman named Syriaca lived in Pesaro. Syriaca realized that Michelina was really a wonderful person who needed guidance. Syriaca and Michelina became good friends and soon Michelina became prayerful too. She took good care of her child and home. She spent her free time helping the poor and needy. She visited the lonely and took care of those too sick or too old to look after themselves.

Then her son died and she became a lay Franciscan. At first, her relatives were concerned and were not happy when she gave away her fancy clothes and started to eat plain food. They thought she was mad and decided to lock her up. But after a while, they realized that Michelina was truly a holy woman.

Michelina lived her whole life in the same house in Pesaro. She died in 1356 at the age of fifty-six. In her memory, the people of her town kept a lamp always lit in her home. In 1590, Blessed Michelina's house was made into a church.

Reflection: Do I know someone who needs guidance and help to be more spiritual?

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