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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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St. Peter Chrysologus

Feast Day: July 30
Born: 406 :: Died: 450

Peter was born in the small town of Imola in Italy. He studied under the guidance of Bishop Cornelius of Imola and was converted to Christianity. When he was ready, he was ordained as a deacon. Even as a boy, Peter understood that a person is truly great only if he can control his passions and put on the spirit of Christ.

In 433, when the archbishop of Ravenna, Italy, died, Pope St. Leo the Great appointed Peter to take his pace. St. Peter did a very good job as a priest and bishop. He worked hard to get rid of the belief in false gods and false teachings that were still practiced by some pagans in his diocese. And he helped his people grow in faith.

St. Peter soon became a very famous preacher and he was given the name "Chrysologus" which means "golden word." His sermons or homilies were all short. He was afraid his audience would get bored. These sermons were not especially unusual but his beautiful explanations of the Incarnation, the Creed, the place of Mary and John the Baptist in the great plan of salvation etc. led him to be named Doctor of the Church.

His messages were more valuable than gold. He preached with such enthusiasm and fire that people listened to him breathlessly. In his sermons, St. Peter urged everyone to receive Jesus often in Holy Communion. He wanted people to understand that the Body of Christ should be the daily food for their souls.

This good archbishop also worked for the unity of all the members of the Catholic Church. He kept the peace by helping people understand what Catholics believe. St. Peter Chrysologus died on December 2, 450, in his hometown of Imola, Italy.

Reflection: We pray today that our hearts may always be open to listen to and understand the Word of God.

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