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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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St. Flora of Beaulieu

St. Flora of Beaulieu
Feast Day: October 5
Born: 1309 :: Died: 1347

Flora was born at Auvergne in France and grew up in a very loving family. When her parents tried to arrange a marriage for her she pleaded with them and said that she would like to join the convent.

They finally agreed and at the age of 13, she joined the sisters of St. John of Jerusalem at Beaulieu. She was an innocent, good girl who gave herself to God as his spouse.

God rewarded her love by making her strong and helping her resist all kinds of trials and temptations. She spent all her time looking after the poor and the sick in the hospital attached to the convent.

She sometimes felt that she was leading too comfortable a life. At other times, when the other sisters often made fun of her, it was too hard and feeling sad she would be tempted to return home to her family.

Yet, because she kept trying to love God, Sister Flora grew dearer and dearer to him. At last, he blessed her with wonderful visions and the gift of knowing the future.

She also received the gift of suffering the pain of Christ's cross. She seemed to feel it pressing into her, making a wound in her side. She joyfully accepted this suffering out of her great love for Jesus.

Soon, people realized that Sister Flora was very holy and special. They came to ask for prayers and advice until she died in 1347.

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