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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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St. Bruno

St. Bruno
Feast Day: October 6
Born: 1030 :: Died: 1101

Bruno was born at Cologne in Germany. He studied in France and then joined the priesthood. For eighteen years he was a professor of theology and did his best to bring his students closer to God.

Then he was given the important position as President of the cathedral school in the diocese of Rheims. This did not make Bruno proud of the honor or frightened by responsibilities. He made it clear that he was not happy with the love for money and material things that the priests and Archbishop showed.

He became aware that his heart was longing to be alone with Jesus. He received a vision from God showing him a hermitage where he should spend his life becoming closer to God.

St. Hugh of Grenoble gave Bruno and his friends this hidden desert land called Chartreuse. There they built a church and little huts to live in.

This was the beginning of the Carthusian order. They were very happy there, working their fields, fasting and praying, hidden in God.

After six years, however, Pope Urban II, who was earlier one of Bruno's students, asked Bruno to make a great sacrifice. He asked him to go to Rome to be his advisor. It broke the saint's heart, but he obeyed and served the Pope well.

Then finally he was allowed to live his monk's life nearer to Rome. So with new disciples, Bruno began all over again in Calabria, Italy.

St. Bruno was always a cheerful and active man. He did not want to see any of his monks sad and describes their hard life in delightful words.

St. Bruno died in 1101 but his order continues today. The followers of St. Bruno keep his loving, self-sacrificing spirit alive.

St. Bruno was known to have a special love of silence. How often do I take a few quiet moments to pray during the day?

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