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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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St. Edward

Feast Day: October 13
Born:1003 :: Died:1066

Prince Edward was born at Oxford in England to King Ethelred II and Queen Emma. Then the Danes attacked England and his father the king lost his throne. Prince Edward who was only 10 years old at that time was sent along with his brother to Denmark to be quietly killed.

But the officer in-charge took pity on the boys and sent them to Sweden. Later the King of Hungary raised and educated them. When they were grown they moved to Normandy in France where they waited for things to get better so they could return to England.

Finally when he was 40 years old, Edward returned to England where he was chosen king and ascended the throne. King St. Edward was one of the best loved of all the English kings and the people welcomed him with great joy.

St. Edward was a tall, well-built man, but he was never healthy. Still he was able to rule his country well and keep peace most of the time. This was because he trusted in God and held firm when necessary.

King Edward went to daily Mass. He was a gentle, kind man who never spoke sternly. He showed special charity and was always generous to poor people and foreigners. He also helped monks in every way he could.

It was his justice to everyone and his love for God's Church that made St. Edward so popular with the English people. They would cheer him as he rode out of the castle.

Although he was a king with great power, St. Edward showed his honesty by the way he kept his word-to God and to people. This holy king tried throughout his life to use the gifts he had been given in order to help others.

He died in 1066 and was buried in the marvelous monastery he had rebuilt.

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