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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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St. Narcissus

Feast Day: October 29
Born: 99 :: Died: 215

Saint Narcissus from the time he was young, took great interest and care to study about his Christian faith. When he was of age, he became a priest and because he was so good, people called him "the holy priest".

He only became the Bishop of Jerusalem when he was eighty years old but he ruled the Church with the energy of a young man. Narcissus was an excellent bishop and with God's grace performed many miracles.

One Holy Saturday, the members of his Church were all upset because they could not find any oil to light the lamps in the Church for the Easter Vigil.

St. Narcissus asked them to draw water from a nearby well and after he blessed it, told them to put it in the lamps. To the delight of the people, the water changed to oil and some of this oil was later saved in a sealed jar in Jerusalem in memory of the miracle.

Everyone admired this good and holy man except people who chose to live evil lives. Three enemies of the saint accused him of a terrible crime.

One said: "May I die by fire if it is not true!"
The second said: "May I be wasted away by leprosy if it is not true."
The third said: "May I be struck blind if it is not true."

Yet no one believed their lie and the wicked story. The people knew how good Narcissus was. But Narcissus who wanted to spend time alone with God in prayer used it as an excuse to go off and live in the desert.

His put his trust in God, whom he served so lovingly. And God took care of Narcissus by proving that the story of those men was not true. Each of the men got the punishment they had called upon their own heads.

Then because his people pleaded, Narcissus returned to be bishop of Jerusalem to the great joy of his people. Although he was even older, he seemed to be more energetic and stronger than ever.

When he became too weak to carry on, he begged God to send him a bishop to help him. Our Lord sent him another saint, Alexander of Cappadocia. With great love and eagerness, they ruled the diocese together.

Narcissus lived to be over 116 years old. He died in the year 215.

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