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Monday, June 25, 2018
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St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas
Feast Day: December 06
Born: (around) 270 :: Died: (around) 340

St. Nicholas or Santa Clause is loved by children all over the world and he is especially well known for Christmas giving. This famous saint was born in Asia Minor, which today is called Turkey. After his parents died, he gave all his money to charity.

There are many stories told about kind St. Nicholas.

Once a poor man was about to leave his daughters to a life of evil and sin because he did not have the money to get them married. Nicholas heard about his problem. He went to the man's house at night and tossed a little pouch of gold through a window. This was for the oldest daughter.

He did the same thing for the second daughter and the grateful father kept watch to find out who was being so good to them.

When St. Nicholas came a third time, the man recognized him. He thanked Nicholas over and over again.

St. Nicholas also prayed and brought back to life three young boys who had been killed.

Later St. Nicholas became bishop. He loved justice. It is said that once he saved three men who had been wrongly condemned to death. He then got their accuser to confess that he had been given money to tell lies about the three men and get them into trouble.

He even got thieves to return the goods they had stolen from people.

St. Nicholas died in Myra, and a great basilica was built over his tomb. Many churches were dedicated in his name.

When his remains were brought to Bari, in Italy, this city became a famous shrine for pilgrims from all over Europe.

Nicholas is the patron of sailors and prisoners. Along with St. Andrew, he is also the patron of Russia.

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