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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Stories from the Heart of the Father

by Aneel Aranha

We are very pleased to present a new series by Aneel Aranha. These are stories told to him by our Father. Aneel had gone to Omaha in the USA recently to make a retreat. While he was there, his retreat guide told him to spend time with our Father, but as a little child and not as a big man. While he did this, Aneel asked our Father if he knew any stories. Our Father said that he knew many stories. And began to tell them .... Here they are.

More stories by Aneel Aranha

  1. The Grasshopper
  2. The Ugly Old Woman & the Little Boy
  3. If You Really Love Me ....
  4. The Young Prince
  5. The Magic Wishing Well


by Deacon Tom
  1. Sharing Your Candy
  2. Harry’s Snow Incident
  3. Meet Nicky and Amanda
  4. God's Special Gift - Ten Commandments
  5. The First Commandment - Loving God With All Your Heart
  6. The Second Commandment - Use Words to Honor God
  7. The Third Commandment - Keeping a Special Day for God
  8. The Fourth Commandment - God's Gift of Love for Your Mother and Father
  9. The Fifth Commandment - Don't Hurt Others
  10. The Sixth Commandment - Being Loyal to the One You Marry
  11. The Seventh Commandment - Thou Shall Not Steal
  12. The Eighth Commandment - Don’t Tell Lies
  13. The Ninth Commandment - You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbor’s Wife
  14. The Tenth Commandment - You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbor's Goods
  15. Billy and the Fishing Pole
  16. A Guardian Angel Helps With Christmas Shopping
  17. The Frog’s New Year’s Eve Problem
  18. John the Great Eagle
  19. Hiding on St. Valentine’s Day
  20. John the Great Eagle Soars Throughout the Earth
  21. John the Great Eagle Meets Mick the Pelican
  22. John the Great Eagle Learns Important Lessons about Being a Friend
  23. John the Great Eagle and the Sunrise
  24. John the Great Eagle Returns Home
  25. Julie Loves Going To Church
  26. Adam and Eve Receive the Gift of a Smile
  27. Ivan’s Big Decision
  28. The Little Boy Who Thought He Lost the Sunshine
  29. Telling the Truth
  30. Learning to Love God and Thunder Storms
  31. Lost and Found at the Beach
  32. Amy the Rabbit Gets Into a Tight Spot
  33. Little David and the Miracle of a Baby
  34. Tommy's Smile
  35. The Bluebird Gets Lost
  36. Dylan's Big Surprise
  37. Emmy Hears A Funny Sound
  38. Jack Learns About the Poor and Sick Children
  39. The Most Important Christmas Gift

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