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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Harry’s Snow Incident

Harry’s Snow Incident

by Deacon Tom

Once upon a time there was a boy named Harry. He was 4 years old and had a 2 year old sister named, Charlene. Every year Harry went with his family to the mountains to enjoy a family skiing holiday. They had a wonderful time playing on the snow covered mountain and rolling in the soft snow. Because he was too young to start skiing, Harry loved to look at the speedy skiers on the mountain and imagine how one day he would be able to go that fast.

When the family returned to their apartment after a long day, Harry and his sister played outside in the garden. They were cheerful and their parents loved the sound of their laughter. Soon, Harry's parents were busy reading the daily papers and preparing for supper. So, the parents weren’t watching closely when Harry made a huge snowball and sneaked up behind his sister. Harry had a huge grin, and he pushed an entire snowball right in his sister’s face.

The snowball on her face made Charlene very wet and very cold. Charlene was scared and then she started to cry. As the wetness turned to bitter cold, Charlene started to scream, “Mama, Mama!” Soon his parents came running out of the house with fear on their faces.

Harry quickly ran to another side of the garden where he pretended play. However, inside his heart Harry became very frightened at his sister’s reaction. Once they saw the scene, they suspected Harry was responsible for this incident. "Did you shove snow in your sister’s face?" his mother asked. "No!" lied Harry.

Then mother took Charlene in her arms and carried her to their warm apartment. Mom and brushed snow off her wet face and helped Charlene change into dry clothing. Finally, Charlene could stop crying. She felt safe with her parents.

Meanwhile, Harry’s father walked over to Harry and he looked at Harry with a very stern face. "Harry, I need for you come inside where it is warm," said his father. Harry had a funny feeling in his tummy and the holiday was no longer fun.

Inside he continued to deny responsibility, so Harry was sent to his room while his parents tended to Charlene. Harry was to stay in his room until supper.

Finally, as they were to saying prayers at mealtime, his mother said, "Harry, who hit your little sister with snow?" Taking a deep breath, Harry said, "I don't know." It was his father’s turn to speak. "Did you lie to us?" his father asked. "I don't know," said Harry.

All this time, Harry looked very sad. Seeing Harry’s sadness, his father said, "How do you feel inside, Harry?" “I feel really bad,” said Harry.

Seeing Harry’s face, his Mom said, “Do you want to tell us what really happened before we start our prayers?”

It took Harry a while, but he was finally said, “I hit Charlene with snow and I am sorry.” “Anything else, Harry?” his father said. With a gulp, Harry said, “I am sorry for lying, too.”

Finally Harry said told his sister, 'Charlene, I am sorry I hit you with a snowball. Charlene forgave him and Harry gave Charlene a big hug.

A sense of peace entered the room, immediately. "You did the right thing by telling the truth. Mom and I are proud of you, Harry," his father said. "You are?" Harry said as tears started to fall from his eyes. "Yes, it is tough to admit you were wrong and said you are sorry,” said his father.

"Even thought you hurt your sister, this has been difficult for our whole family. What you did to Charlene affected all of us, Harry," said his mother. "You did something good at the end and now we can all say our prayers together and finally have a peaceful meal.

Harry learned the importance of telling the truth that day.

Let’s all pray that when we do bad things that we have the courage of Harry by admitting our wrongs and saying we are sorry.

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