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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Meet Nicky and Amanda

Meet Nicky and Amanda

by Deacon Tom

Nicky and Amanda are two energetic children living in a brick house on the suburbs of a very large city. Their house is full of fun stuff with a big yard and lots of play space. Of course, their favorite things are the gifts they've received from those who love them. Items like their toys, loads of books and especially their dog make them feel like the luckiest kids around. Also, they have a great family with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and best of all, they have loving grandparents.

Amanda is the oldest and the tallest. She is the Big Sister! She can make lots of silly faces and when necessary, put wrinkles in her face to show the great wisdom all older sisters sometimes have. The younger Nicky is a ball of energy. Nicky moves quickly and makes everything a game. Some people think they were totally opposite with Amanda as the quiet one and with Nicky as always talking. Secretly inside, Nicky and Amanda know people are wrong. For example, in special times together, they both talk lots like when they enjoy something they love, like a great movie or a funny television show. Like most of us, they have special "hide away" places. It is their bedrooms house where they go and are free to dream and invent exciting activities. For example, sometimes Nicky imagines he was great baseball players like Jim Thome or Sammy Sosa or even the great Barry Bonds. Amanda dreams that she is a famous fashion model or a movie star.

They are very good children who love their family and love God. Nicky and Amanda are gifts from God to their families like all children are gifts. Remember today that you are God's gift to your family. You can make that gift shine as bright as the sun by being happy and doing good things for people.

In the next few columns we join Nicky and Amanda on their adventures to see the ways God loves them. Their upcoming adventures will show us how God wants us to do well and be a special part of our lives. Let's take these adventures of Nicky and Amanda and see if the lessons fit our lives. When we do good things everyone is really happy, but when we make mistakes, others will be there to help us improve. This is what God does in our lives.

Remember to care for yourself. You are God's gift to all of us.

Keep smilin',
Deacon Tom

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