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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: God's Special Gift - Ten Commandments

God's Special Gift - Ten Commandments

by Deacon Tom

"Ouch!" "Stop it Nicky!" said Amanda as she threw a pillow at her brother. "He he he" laughed Nicky as he argued with his sister. Day after day, Nicky & Amanda would argue and tease each other. The two children who were usually very happy and helpful had recently become very difficult for their family.

One day their Uncle Shemp had about enough of the fighting and decided that he needed to do something about it. So, Uncle Shemp and Aunt Helen took the children to the beach for a quiet chat about their conduct. Nicky & Amanda were nervous that they might be in trouble and that their Uncle Shemp and Aunt Helen might be angry with them. When they arrived at the beach, Uncle Shemp started to tell them a story.

'Many years ago there was a good man named Moses. Moses was chosen by God himself to be a leader of God's people. Moses had many trials. Whenever Moses had a problem, God always was there to help him. One day Moses when went high on a mountain to chat with God, the people started to fuss and argue, much like you children did earlier today. God gave to Moses a gift that was written on 2 stone tablets. It was a list of things that people can do to have a happy life and to be able to live together without fighting and arguing. This list of things we can do and avoid has helped people live happily for thousands of years. We call this gift the Ten Commandments."

All during the story, Nicky & Amanda were very quiet and listened to Uncle Shemp and Aunt Helen very closely. Nicky asked, "What were these 10 Commandants?" Aunt Helen just smiled in her warm and loving way and said, "Children telling all of them to you today would take a bit of time. How about if we start next week with one Commandment a week until we explain them all to you?"

Amanda thought that was a great idea. Uncle Shemp and Aunt Helen gave them both a big hug and they all went to the water for a great swim.

Keep smilin',
Deacon Tom

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