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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The First Commandment - Loving God With All Your Heart

The First Commandment - Loving God With All Your Heart

by Deacon Tom

The day was rainy and damp. So, Amanda and Nicky were stuck in the house looking for exciting things to do. However, they were bored and started to do odd things.

Nicky started making noises. "Grrrrr!" said Nicky as he sneaked up behind Amanda.

That really annoyed Amanda. So, she started to push Nicky away. She said, "Nicky, stop being so dumb!"

Nicky just laughed and then started to jump up and down making a "hissing" sound like a snake.

Finally, Amanda tackled Nicky while screaming, "Stop! You little pest!"

Hearing the fuss, Aunt Helen ran into the room. She separated them and asked them to spend some time in their rooms thinking about the things that are really important to them. She told them to write a list of all the things or people they loved the most in life.

In short time, Aunt Helen asked to see the lists the kids made.

"Very interesting!" said Aunt Helen. "I see things like baseball, candy, music, movies, television, video games, stuffed animals and even chocolate but I don't see God's name anywhere."

Aunt Helen said, "All these things on their lists were great but to be truly happy, you need to make God your first love. You need to make God the center of your lives. You must love the Lord our God with all your hearts."

Aunt Helen told them that making other things the most important thing is breaking the 1st Commandment. "I AM the Lord your God and I shall not have others gods before me."

"What are other gods?" said Amanda?

Aunt Helen said, ""Other gods" can be things we love more than God."

Nicky thought for a minute and said, "That must mean that if going to a baseball game is more important to me than anything else, it is a god!

Aunt Helen just smiled.

Amanda said "I guess that 1st commandment is for us today because we made all the fun things in life our gods"

"It looks like you both understand." said Aunt Helen as she hugged them.

She said, "If you learn to trust and love God with all your heart, you will have life at its best."

As a reward for learning about the 1st Commandment, Aunt Helen made their favorite ice cream sundaes. You can be sure the Amanda and Nicky were smiling.

Dear children, keep in mind, God wants all of your love. Give your love to God. God then will give you lots more love than you can ever dream about. Then you can give that love to other people and this gift of love can continue for a long time.

Keep smilin',
Deacon Tom

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