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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The Fourth Commandment - God's Gift of Love for Your Mother and Father

The Fourth Commandment - God's Gift of Love for Your Mother and Father

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Amanda and Nicky love parties! The food and the laughter are always great! Amanda and Nicky especially loved seeing all the people. Of course, everyone is happy to invite Amanda and Nicky because they are SUPER kids!

One day Amanda and Nicky were at one of these special family parties when Amanda went into the kitchen and gave a big hug to Aunt Helen. "Aunt Helen, I really love you and I think you are really cool" said Amanda. "Do you want to know what I really like to do?"

"No, tell me" said Aunt Helen while giving Amanda a huge hug.

"I would like to spend time alone with you-just two girls" said Amanda with a big grin.

"That sounds like fun Amanda, let's go for a walk in the woods behind the house?" said Aunt Helen as she started towards the kitchen door.

So Aunt Helen and Amanda started an "all girls" walk in the woods while Nicky ran into the basement to watch the baseball game on television.

While they were walking, Amanda said, "I love my whole family with all my heart. Sometimes, I even feel a tingle deep inside but I don't understand why."

Amanda stopped and looked up at Aunt Helen and said, "I even feel this love when they were not with me. Sometimes I just think of them and I feel a special love."

With a tear in her eye, Aunt Helen said, "Amanda that is so special! Why do you think you feel this way?"

Amanda said, "Aunt Helen, I think God puts a warm spot in our hearts for those who are close to us like our family and special friends. So, when we think of them we feel that special tingle. I feel that special tingle in a strong way when I think of my Mom and Dad."

"Amanda that is right! Aunt Helen said. "That also happens to me when I am with my children and your Uncle Denny. That warm feeling is so special, isn't it?

"Oh yes is it a warm feeling. How long will it last?" wondered Amanda.

Aunt Helen explained, "God gives everyone a special amount of His love called 'grace.' Grace helps in times of trouble and also it helps make our love stronger and it lasts forever. God gives us lots of grace for our family. God want us to honor and love our parents all the days of our lives whether they are with us or are far away.

"Really?" asked Amanda with a funny faced smile.

Aunt Helen said more, "Amanda, whether our parents, or family are in the same room, in a far away country or even in heaven, your love will always keep strong. In fact, God thinks it is so important that he made it the Fourth Commandment. God wrote that we should Honor our Mother and our Father all the days of our lives."

Amanda said, "That was really a nice thing God did to give us that grace to love everyone in the same way that I love my parents." She put her arms around Aunt Helen and her face glowed with a huge smile.

Then Aunt Helen and Amanda walked back to the party with that warm feeling in their hearts because by sharing God's love, they loved each other in a special way.

Nicky ran up to them and said, "Where have you been hiding?"

Aunt Helen and Amanda just laughed.

To my good friends, The main duties of children are to love God and their parents with all their hearts. So, when you do good things you not only honor parents but we honor our family name which goes on forever. Plus obeying goes onward to, family, teachers and adults in authority. This will make your life happier and more pleasing to all, especially God.

Keep smilin',
Deacon Tom

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