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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The Fifth Commandment - Don't Hurt Others

The Fifth Commandment - Don't Hurt Others

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Our friends, Peter and Paul, were there with their parents for a summer holiday at a beautiful tropic island that was popular with tourists throughout the world. The island's shiny blue water was cool and refreshing. The glistening white sand was perfect for making sandcastles and running. Peter and Paul were on the beach making castles after spending the past hour playing in the water. They were having a great time and their smiles were just beaming.

Suddenly two unfamiliar boys came running by their blanket and made loud noises.

"Bang, bang" said the older boy with his thumb in the air and his index finger pointing forward in the shape of a gun. The younger boy rolled around in the sand and said "Bang!" to the older boy using his hand in the very same way.

These boys were loud and snorted at while they were pretending to shoot one another. Finally, the older boy dropped into the sand, pretending death while the other boy acted like a great champion. Then they both laughed and ran away.

After seeing this, Peter and Paul made guns out of their fingers in order to imitate the other boys. Peter said, "Bang!"

At that very moment, their mother said, "Boys, please stop doing that immediately!"

Startled, Peter said, "Mom, we were just playing and our friends play this way all of the time at school."

Mom asked Peter and Paul to come to the beach chairs--it was time for a little chat. They needed to explain God's plan for respecting human life and for honoring the dignity of all persons.

Dad said, "Many years ago, God gave commandments to Moses, the fifth one said that we should not kill." So, we must not hurt or harm anyone, but help them and be a friend.

"Oh come on, we were not killing anyone, we were just playing" said Paul.

Dad said, "Of course, you were not killing but you were pretending to kill. That is not a fun game to play. You were playing at something that is wrong."

Mom then said, "Life is so special, I remember the days you were both born and I held you in my arms." Mom sighed and said further, "Oh, all the dreams and wishes I have for you. I could not imagine you being killed. Or you being someone who would pretend to take that dream away from another mother by killing their child."

Dad said, "If you are going to have fun, play games that make life special. Take part in sports; make each other laugh, run and play. These all are way to enjoy life."

Finally, Mom said, "Boys, killing is against God's law. God wants you to obey the laws so you can benefit from God's love for you. God loves you more than you can imagine. God also has wishes and hoped and dreams for you! Being a person who respects life is a person who can enjoy all of the people God has made and most of all, it allows you to be truly happy."

"Wow! We are sorry, Paul and I should not pay killing games," said Peter. With that, the boys ran off into the water.

Mom and Dad just hugged one another and were proud that their children did not choose to make killing a game.

My friends, even though many of kids pretend at games that shoot and kill--be special. God wants you to be special. Be like Paul and Peter, don't play the killing games, so you can have a happy life in God's love.

Keep smilin',
Deacon Tom

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