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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The Sixth Commandment - Being Loyal to the One You Marry

The Sixth Commandment - Being Loyal to the One You Marry

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

It was a warm summer day when Uncle Jake visited Stevie and Tommy at their home in the city. At breakfast, Uncle Jake asked the boys to join him for a day at the zoo. Like the sun bursting through the clouds, the boys’ faces were alight. “The zoo, I love the zoo!” shouted Stevie as he danced around the kitchen in joy.

Tommy jumped up in the air singing songs of excitement. Tommy said, “Thanks Uncle Jake, I promise to be good and do everything you ask of me.” Tommy’s smile was from ear to ear.

So, after Stevie and Tommy hugged their parents and said farewell, Uncle Jake and the boys were off to the bus taking them to the zoo.

The zoo was crowded with lots of people. Plus, it was full of colors, sounds and smells. The zoo was really exciting and the boys were having a great time. They watched the monkeys laugh and swing from tree to tree. They watched the dolphins jump through the water making large splashes. They saw the mighty lion roar and then they saw slimy snakes.

However it was when they saw the bald eagles that Tommy had a question. “This sign says that bald eagles are endangered. What does endangered mean?”

Uncle Jake said, “Well, Tommy, many of the bald eagles have died and have not had new baby eaglets to replace them. So, we are in danger of losing them from our planet if we do not care for them.”

“That is sad, how did it happen?” said Tommy.

Uncle Jake replied, “Many eagles have lost their nests to the construction of homes and businesses by humans. The trees were cut and the nesting areas were lost. There is good news, though, our protection of them has started a slow increase in their birth rate and maybe someday they will be able to fly freely again.”

While they were talking, Stevie noticed another sign about bald eagles. “This sign said, most bald eagles ‘mate for life.’ What does ‘mate for life’ mean, Uncle Jake?” asked Stevie.

“Well, Stevie, it means that bald eagles chose one husband or wife and they never have another for their entire life. This is like most men and women do in our society. In fact, God gave us the 6th Commandment--Thou shalt not commit adultery, as a rule to insure that we only love one husband or wife.”

“What does adultery mean, Uncle Jake?” the both boys said at the same time.

Uncle Jake said, “It means that God wants us to be totally in love with our spouses--so much in love that we would never even want to love another man or woman. If a married person does give their love to another man or woman it is a violation of God’s law—that is called adultery. Adultery breaks the trust married couples have for one other. They do not feel as if they are ‘one’ any more and God wants all married couples to be ‘one.’ Worst of all they lose their smiles because this is a bad thing.”

“Being married is grace from God and God gives married couples great gifts. The best gift of all is the gift of life. God wants all married couples to have loving and polite children like you and Tommy” said Uncle Jake with a great big smile.

“Now, let’s go home and have supper with your wonderful parents who love both God and you both very much” said Uncle Jake

So, the boys jumped for joy and off they went.

My friends, God wants good things for everybody. When your heart is full of good things, your smile will burn brightly and everybody around you will know it! What is on the inside affects the outside! So, be loyal to your family and you will fly like the eagle.

Keep smilin',
Deacon Tom

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