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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The Eighth Commandment -- Donít Tell Lies

The Eighth Commandment -- Donít Tell Lies

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Jimmy was so excited. This was the day he had been awaiting for weeks. All his friends were going to meet at the new city park and spend their day off from school riding their bicycles. In fact, just yesterday his friend Mike chatted with Jimmy at school to remind him that all the guys were going to meet at 10 oíclock. Jimmy was so excited that he could not sleep the night before.

Finally sun arose and the morning arrived. As Jimmy started dressing, he thought of all the fun they were going to have. Jimmy dressed in his favorite jeans with a great red shirt that would be perfect. He gobbled down his breakfast; kissed his mother; jumped on his bicycle and rode off to the park. The day was overcast and a bit chilly but Jimmyís enthusiasm warmed everything. He was going to meet his friends.

Jimmy arrived at the park about 15 minutes early and found a bench to lean his bike against as he looked around for his friends. No sign of them yet but Jimmy realized that he was early. Time seemed to drag as Jimmy watched the clock on the wall of the bank across the highway from the park. Finally, 10 oíclock arrived but not friends. However, the clouds got darker and it started to drizzle. Jimmy waited. The clock stuck 10:15 and Jimmy was getting nervous as well as wet, since the rains increased somewhat.

Then Jimmy thought that maybe the guys were at the other end of the park. So, Jimmy jumped on his bike and peddled through the puddles that the rain made. Round and round the park Jimmy rode without success. Finally, Jimmy realized that he had been the victim of lie. His friends had no intention of meeting him at the park. They thought it would be fun to trick Jimmy. They lied to Jimmy and that was not funny in his mind.

Late Jimmy discovered that his friends all when to another park. Jimmy trusted their word and as a result of this behavior, Jimmy felt bad and it would take a long time before he would trust what these young people would tell him.

My friends, God wants us to have good friends that we can trust. When someone lies it means saying what is not true with the aim of deceiving others. Make sure your heart is full of good things and your smile is bright. So, be loyal to your friends and they will know you are being one of Godís loving people.

Keep smilin',
Deacon Tom

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