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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Billy and the Fishing Pole

Billy and the Fishing Pole

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Once a young man named Tyson lived in a big house near a twisting creek and Tyson loved to fish. Everyone loved Tyson because he was full of energy and joy. Tyson special friend was his Grandpa. He would go fishing with Grandpa every week in the summertime. Sometimes they would catch lots of fish and at other times, none. Tyson never complained because he just loved being with his grandfather and listening to his grandfather's stories.

His grandfather’s stories were always excellent! Some were funny like the time his Uncle Leo fell in the lake and got soaked. Others were scary like walking in the dark woods at night. One thing for sure, Grandpa always had lots of stories. This day Grandpa told him about how his friend Billy stole the fishing pole. Here is how it went:

Billy went into the basement of his father’s house and decided to go fishing with his dad’s favorite fishing pole. Billy wanted the pole because when Dad fished, he would catch lots of fish and Billy wanted to catch lots of fish.

So, Billy pushed the fishing pole out the basement window. Then when no one was close by, he went outside and hid the pole in a tree about 200 yards from the house. Billy thought that he was so clever. He would get the pole when his dad went to work and then return the pole before his dad came home. Billy had a big grin on his face because he felt so clever.

However, Billy did not know that his mother was watching all of this from her bedroom window. She saw Billy push the pole out the basement and she saw Billy sneak outside to get the pole. Finally, she watched intently as Billy ran full speed to the tree where he hid the fishing pole.

Grandpa asked Tyson, “What do you think about this story this, so far? Tyson said, “Billy did a bad thing. Is he going to get in trouble?” Grandpa chuckled and said, “I am going to tell you about one of the worst days in Billy’s life.” So, they relaxed and Grandpa finished the story.

Now, without Billy knowing it, his Mom marched right down to the tree and recovered the pole. She thought she would teach Billy a little lesson about life. She called Billy and said that she packed him a lunch of peanut butter and jelly; a juicy pear and 2 candy bars. Tyson glowed with joy! He kissed his mom and went off to have the greatest fishing day of his life.

Billy walked proudly out of the door and down to the tree.

“Oh Gosh!” said Billy. The fishing rod was gone. He frantically looked everywhere.

“Oh where could it be?” said Billy. Billy began to really worry. What was he going to tell his mother? He looked all around the tree for about an hour. Nothing could be found.

What should he do? Should he tell his mother? Would she be angry? Should he do nothing and hope that nobody would notice.

Then an idea struck. He decided to go to the stream and see if someone there was using the pole.

When he got to the stream, things were worse. His mother was there with his little brother. They were fishing!

Now he was really in trouble! His mother never fished!

As soon as she saw Billy, she called for him with a huge welcoming smile. Billy dragged his feet and shuffled over to her. He was really disappointed! What would he say?

His mother asked where his fishing pole was. Billy said that he left it home. Then the most unbelievable thing happened. Mom pulled dad’s fishing pole out of her stuff and asked Billy if he wanted to use it. The shock of this ran thought Billy’s body and he just stood there frozen.

His mother smiled and asked if there was something that Billy needed to tell her. So, Billy told mother the entire story and every sentence seemed to start with “I am sorry.” So mother explained to Billy about being honest and gave him a big hug.

Again, Billy said he was sorry and started to cry.

“Well, Tyson what to you think about my old pal Billy” said Grandpa.

Tyson, said, “Billy did a really bad thing but his mother was kind to him in forgiving. Plus, he was really lucky that she found the pole and someone else did not find it.”

“Exactly right,” said Grandpa. “Now, what lesson did you learn?”

Tyson, said, “Grandpa, I learned that I should be honest and never take what is not mine.”

Just at that moment, a fish pulled on Tyson’s line and both he and Grandpa worked hard to reel it on to the shore.

When they were finished Tyson gave Grandpa a tight hug. Grandpa said that he loved Tyson and Tyson just smiled.

My friends, you always need to remember how important it is not to take others’ property. Many other bad things could have happened to Billy but on this day, he was very lucky to have a forgiving mother. God forgives even more than Billy’s mother. We need to remember to go to Him with our problems, too.

Keep smilin',
Deacon Tom

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