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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: A Guardian Angel Helps With Christmas Shopping

A Guardian Angel Helps With Christmas Shopping

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

One mid-December day, Carrie was really excited about Christmas coming. She was so exited that when even counted the days. On this morning, Carrie went to a shopping center with her family. Carrie asked her mother if she could be alone for al while. Mom agreed and she left the family to do shopping all alone.

Carrie sang Christmas carols as she walked from store to store, she was overwhelmed by all the Christmas sights and sounds. She really loved the decorations, lights and brightly colored gifts through the shopping center. As she shopped, Carrie was truly trying to find the best fits for her family at the best price possible.

Yet, inside of her something seemed to be missing. She felt certain emptiness. Outward signs seemed okay as with Carrie’s singing but she felt she could have been more excited. Her enthusiasm did not seem to be as high as in other years.

So she decided that she needed a break, especially since she had not found any gifts. So, Carrie went for a milkshake and sweets at the local beverage shop. As she sat in the shop she reviewed her list of gift possibilities and suddenly realized how lucky she was to have a loving family. Carrie felt warmth melt through her body. It was like hot chocolate feels on a cold day of sledding in the snow.

As Carrie looked more closely at her list of gift possibilities, she started to remember all the great times she had with each individual during the past year. Before she knew it, Carrie’s huge smile returned and she even felt a tingle in her heart. She was now ready to return to shopping with a whole new attitude. Carrie was excited, again.

What happened? Many of us feel that this special moment was the result of Carrie’s guardian angel influencing Carrie to look at a simple task like shopping as something very special. Her guardian angel helped change Carrie’s attitude to one of giving herself to others. It was amazing how easy shopping was from that point onward. Carrie focused on meeting the needs of her family and not just getting the best price.

So, when we look at the story of the birth of our Savior, we see lots of different cast members. Some of the most important players are the angels. Angels are our friends and they guide us.

My friends, each of us has a Guardian Angel who God has assigned to us to watch over us while we are here on earth. In Carrie’s case, her Guardian Angel helped turn her shopping experience into a joyful and giving event. If you let God be the center of all you do, you will find that your Guardian Angel will help and support you in the same way that Carrie’s Guardian Angel helped her.

Keep smilin',
Deacon Tom

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