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Monday, August 20, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The Frog’s New Year’s Eve Problem

The Frog’s New Year’s Eve Problem

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Many years ago there was a frog named Henry who was sitting in the pond and enjoying the sun from a nice winter’s day. Suddenly a fish popped out of the water and told the frog that all the fish would be going deep into the water and would not return until next year. “Bye!” said the fish and he dived deep into the water.

Henry was a naturally curious frog who wondered where these fish were going.

Next Henry the frog shouted to the eagle as it flew through the trees. “Hey Mr. Eagle, do you know why the fish were all leaving the pond until next year? That seems like such a long time doesn’t it?”

The eagle soared down fast at the frog with its talons piercing the air. He stopped at Henry’s nose. The eagle looked at Henry the frog and just let out a loud laugh.

Then, he spread his wings and started to soar. Then the eagle turned his head and shouted. “See you next year frog!”

“Oh my!” said the Henry the frog, “Now the eagle is leaving me too.”

Sadly Henry swam across the pond until he sat next to a lizard that was very busy sunning himself.

“Hey Mr. Lizard, do you know why the fish and the eagles are leaving the pond and not coming back until next year?”

The lizard wiggled its nose and walked away. He was laughing at Henry the frog as he walked. Then the lizard turned his head and shouted. “I’ll be seeing you next year, Henry!”

“Oh my!” said the Henry the frog, “it seems like everyone is leaving me. Why are they being so mean?” “Do I have bad breath or do I snore?”

So, Henry the frog, decided to think this problem over at a meal. He went to have something to eat like a fly. Then, “snap” his tongue hit a fly. Just before swallowing he heard the fly cry out. “Wait!”

Henry the frog stuck his tongue out and listened to the fly. “Hey Frog, I can help you with the answer to why everyone is leaving if you let me go?” said the fly. Then he put the fly down on the ground.

Henry said, “I will give you the chance to get away, even though you look like a nice meal for a hungry frog like me. Quick, tell me why all the animals seem to be leaving for such a long time?”

The fly was relieved to be free of the frog tongue because the frog really did have bad breath. So, with great bravery, the fly looked the frog right in the eye and said. “My silly green friend it is December 31st and tomorrow is the start of a new year. So, your friends will see you tomorrow, which is next year!”

“Oh gosh they tricked me!” laughed Henry the frog. The frog could not believe a joke had been played on him. He rolled on his back and just laughed.

So, Henry the frog wished the fly a Happy New Year and swam to another place in the pond to look for more insects to eat. He was happy inside that he would see his friends tomorrow, January 1st.

Happy New Year to all my friends, especially the frogs….Deacon Tom

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