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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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John the Great Eagle

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

In the forest were two eaglets whose names were Johnny and Bobby. The eaglets had lived in a tree with their parents for all their lives--about 12 weeks. They watched each other grow and had become not only good brothers but great friends, too.

Finally the day came where mother could leave them alone in the nest for bit while she went off to hunt for meals.

On this day Johnny said, "Hey Bobby, do you want to go for a walk?"

Johnny gleefully said, "Sure, Bobby." Inside Johnny was a nervous because they had never left the nest alone but he was ready for an adventure.

So, off the two eaglets went. They clumsily used their talons to climb down the tree and started to take little steps in the woods. With each fall or stumble, the other would help steady his brother eaglet.

Soon walking became easy and they had a great time exploring new things. They discovered the sweet scent of flowers, they tasted the dew on the grass and they rolled in the fallen leaves. These eaglets laughed and played for almost an hour.

Soon Johnny said, "Bobby lets got back to the nest before mom comes home." Bobby agreed and they used their talons to climb back to the nest. When they got back to the nest, the two eaglets immediately fell asleep because they were tired from the play.

When their mother arrived home with a big "whoosh" of her large wings she smiled at her two beautiful children asleep. Inside mother eagle thanked God for these two beautiful children as a tear rolled down her beak.

"What?" The eaglets said as they awoke to the sensation of their mother cleaning them. They did not realize that all the play had caused their new feathers to be messy.

Johnny immediately started to apologize. "Oh, mother, I bet you are angry with us."

Mother eagle just smiled and said, "No, my son, it is part of God's plan for you. In fact, in a few weeks you will fly away on your own."

"What? No!" said the two eaglets at the same time.

Oh yes, said mother eagle. "The time will come when you will become a full eagle and you will leave our nest to begin your life's journey."

Bobby said, "Well Johnny and I will always come home from our adventures to see you mother."

Again, mother eagle just smiled and said, "That is a nice thought Bobby but the way of an eagle is for each to make their own way until they find a spouse to be with for life. More sad news is that it will not be with Johnny either."

The boys giggled and said they would be different.

In a few weeks, Johnny awoke and found the nest was empty. "Oh no, where is Bobby?!" said Johnny.

He spread his wings and started to fly. He flew high and far looking for Bobby. He not only could not find Bobby but was so far from his parent's nest that he knew that he was truly on his own. Johnny the eaglet had become John the Eagle. Great adventures awaited him. Inside he was both scared and excited. However, there are many adventures ahead for John the Eagle and we will explore them in the future.

My friends, sometimes our friends and family leave us and go to different places because of school and new jobs, even to be with God. These are the beginning of new adventures for all. Trusting in our parents and our friends is very important but most of all, we need to trust in God. Trust makes it possible for sad days to become happy days.

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