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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Hiding on St. Valentine’s Day

Hiding on St. Valentine’s Day

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Once upon a time there were two children named Kathy and Kevin. They were both young children who lived at home with their mother and father. Hiding adventures was one of their favorite ways to play and be creative. During these adventures Kathy and Kevin would find various places to burrow and hide together. Sometimes they hid in the basement surrounding themselves with empty boxes pretending they were in a spaceship. Other times they would hide under the porch, peek through holes in the wood and pretend they were spies watching others who could not see them.

On the 14th day of February, they picked their parents’ closet to hide for their next adventure. In they crawled and were excited to have fun. In one corner sat Kevin and in the other sat Kathy. They covered themselves with all their parents’ clothes and pretended to be hiding under leaves on a tropical island.

After a short while, they heard the sound. It was their parents coming in the room. The two children were wide-eyed and their mouths were rounded into wide circles. What would they do? They were not misbehaving but Kathy and Kevin were hiding away on their tropic island and now they had intruders—their parents.

So, Kathy and Kevin stared at each as they heard their father tell their mother that he loved her with all of his heart. They just sat frozen when they heard mother giving father a big hug and a big kiss.

Next, Mom said, Thank you it is beautiful!” After more shuffling, Mom spoke again, “This is what I have for you.” Kathy and Kevin thought, “What could be going on in the room?”

Father said, “Thank you honey, this is beautiful.” and they heard Father give mother a big kiss and a big hug.

Kathy and Kevin both smiled brightly because they were incredibly happy to have parents who loved each other so much.

After that, Mom said, “What do you think about the kids? Is it time for them? How about waiting for dinner?” Dad agreed that they should wait until after supper. Then they both left the bedroom

“What are they talking about?” Kevin whispered. What are we going to get?

Kathy said, “Do you think is a good thing? For an hour they had to wait.”

Shortly, they left their parents closet and decided to solve this great mystery. All Kathy and Kevin could think about was the words their parent had recently spoken.

Kathy and Kevin wanted to make the time go faster, so they wanted to reduce the time before their meal. Kevin even asked, if he could help put the dishes on the table. His mother looked at Kevin with a puzzled face since he rarely volunteered. To Mother’s great surprise, Kathy came running into the kitchen and offered to help Kevin. Although they were great children, they rarely ever volunteered with such enthusiasm. Mom was very surprised at this behavior.

Finally, the time came for supper. Father started with Grace before Meals and then opened a prayer book on Saints and told everyone about St. Valentine. “One story says before St. Valentine was taken away to be martyred, he left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter. Today, we not only exchange love messages but do something very special for those we love with simple gifts such as flowers. So, St. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers.

Suddenly Mom reached into the room and gave the children heart shaped gifts. The children both laughed and said, "So, this is what you were talking about in the bedroom.” The mystery was solved!

Kathy and Kevin were happy that St. Valentine’s Day is a day for all lovers. They were loved by their parents and were rewarded from that love. We need to remember everyone on February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day including all single people and widows. I wish all of you a Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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