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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: John the Great Eagle Soars Throughout the Earth

John the Great Eagle Soars Throughout the Earth

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

The first day of his new life away from his parents was extremely difficult for John the Great Eagle. Not only did he miss his family but he also was forced to find his own food for the first time. For years John depended on his parents for almost everything and now he was required to do it all for himself. He thought of all the times he complained because his parents did not provide the supper John had expected and John laughed. “This is much harder than I ever thought it was going to be!”

As the days went by John grew more confident in his ability to care for himself and started to explore the lands around his forest home. First, he closely examined the tree filled area around where he lived in order to find places containing food and then he looked for dry areas to hide in case of bad weather.

Next, John flew to the end of the tree lined forest and stopped. John did not go any further. He wondered what was beyond the forest edge. His father told him stories about the great waters and the high mountains but John was not really sure if these were just children’s stories or if waters and mountains really existed. John was not ready to go any further.

One morning John awoke to enjoy the daily separation of light & darkness—the start of a new day. Before long the day was a beautifully sunny one that helped John decide to fly higher than ever. Filled with excitement, he rose fast! Flapping his long wings made him go even faster. Then John spread his wings as far as possible and he went higher than he had ever flown before. From this majestic height, John could see longer distances than he ever could have imagined.

Suddenly, he saw a large blue area that was strange. This blue area was separated from the land and vegetation by a beach that had many people roaming around. Was this the great water that his father chatted about? With a deep focus, John aimed his beak toward this blue area called by many as the seas. He was ready to explore!

Before long, John was soaring low along the beach while listening to the crash of the waves and smelling the salty air of the ocean. John also loved squinting at the sparkle of the sun as it reflected off the water. Rising high above the water John could now see many grey colored fish swimming just below the top of the ocean. Remembering how his parents would bring wet and wiggling fishes to him for meals, John darted into the ocean and captured a small grouper in his talons. John felt great as he tossed his head to the side and rose toward the great forest where he lived. John smiled as he thought he was the luckiest creature on the earth.

This really had been a great day for John. He saw these new areas of God’s beautiful creation. He rose above the forests and he saw the people on the beach, the waters. the sky and finally the fishes of the sea. Now he was going back to his nesting area to rest. John’s feelings on this new day were much like the newness that God the Father had felt many centuries ago when he created this earth. John experienced the details of this creation all in this one day. Like God the Father, John rested when it was over. Except on the 7th day, God the Father rested in heaven while John rested in the great forest.

Like John the Eagle, we need to appreciate all the goodness that God has given us in the beautiful earth. Let’s take time this week to praise God for all He created in the same way the St. Francis of Assisi praised God for all creation many years ago. Stay happy and treat the earth and all God’s people nicely…Deacon Tom

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