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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: John the Great Eagle Returns Home

John the Great Eagle Returns Home

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

High above the great forest on the tallest tree, John the Great Eagle sat looking ahead at the sunset. After many days of living on his own, John began to find himself dreaming the same dream. He thought of his days with his mother and father. It was extremely difficult at the start of his new life away from his parents. Then days, months and years went by quickly. Suddenly he missed his parents more than ever. He remembered the days when they would bring the food to John and his brother and how they watched from a distance while John tried his first flight. Once when John struggled with his flying, from out of nowhere, his father swooped down, grabbed John in his talons and saved John from falling. These days flying was simple. He never had to worry about height, speed or even distance.

One day, John decided to fly back to his parents nest. With a “whoosh” of his wings, John rose and headed to the land of his youth. As the hours ticked by, John smelled the fresh aroma of the forest’s vegetation. With his outstanding vision, John watched the many animals play freely but he was not focused on a meal—John the Great Eagle was going home.

Soon, he recognized some of the land forms that he flew around when he was an eaglet. Then with a burst of speed, John zoomed to the area of the forest where his parents had their nest. John flew to the top of the trees and stopped suddenly. “Oh no!” John cried out. The area of trees where his parents made his childhood home was gone. In their place were building that blew smoke into the air and made it difficult for John to breathe. Where could his parents be?

Now, John’s heart was pierced. What was he to do? Where did his parents go? John flew for hours looking and looking but the forest where his childhood home was gone. A sour feeling sank to the bottom of John’s stomach. He felt like he had eaten bitter fruit. Finally, as nighttime approached, the wise owl called out, “Whoooo goes there? Is that John?

With great enthusiasm, John called out to the old owl, “Yes, good owl it is me, John. Do you know where my parents have gone?”

The owl cleared his throat and told John a story of how one day large machines came and started to cut down all the trees. Some of the animals went away to other forests for new homes and others were not as lucky—they died. “Died, oh please no!” John cried out. A tear fell from his eye as he flew back to the area of his childhood forest that still remained. John found a deserted nest in a tall tree and decided to sleep there for the night.

All night he tossed and turned. Neither the owl nor John was sure of John’s parents’ fate but he hoped and prayed that his parents had flown far away.

Things had changed. His eaglet home was not the same but John was determined to find his parents. With this burst of determination, John finally fell asleep.

Like John the Eagle, we are sometimes disappointed that important things in our memories can change. The ruin of John’s forest will make his life different but he is determined for the future. No matter has many things are ruined for us; we need to look beyond our loss to the good memories. Then we will be determined to make things better. Stay happy and treat all of God’s creation nicely

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