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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Julie Loves Going To Church

Julie Loves Going To Church

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Once again it was Sunday morning. Father was driving the family to Church just like he had done for most of the Sunday's in Julie's 6 years of life (or at least for as long a Julie could remember.) On this day, Julie scampered to the car and jumped in the back seat before anyone else was out of the house. Julie was excited because Sunday was a great day for her whole family, including her big brothers, Eric and James.

This morning Julie was singing and humming in the back seat of the car where she sat between her brothers.

Dad asked Julie, "My sweet Julie, why are you so happy today?"

"Daddy, because we are going to Church.

"Tell me about Church?" Dad asked further.

"Church is the best because it is fun and Sunday in my favorite day of the week" said Julie with a giggle.

"Why is that?" said Mother

"Lots of reasons," Julie blurted out with enjoyment. "Well, the people at church are really nice; plus, I love singing with the music; also, I like going to Bible classes and finally, I love going out to brunch with all the families when Church is over."

"Well, that is nice but what about God? Isn't Sunday special because it is the Lord's Day?" asked her brother Eric.

"Of course, Eric, Jesus is why we celebrate the Lord's Day. When we go to church we get to see how much Jesus loves us. Plus all the fun we have and good stuff we eat are gifts from God" replied Julie with a frown as she poked her brother.

Soon they arrived at Church. When they got into church Julie ran into the sacristy and found the pastor. She pulled Father's vestments and said, "Father, I need to talk to you, our family has a problem."

"Yes, Julie?" the priest said as he bend down to talk face to face with Julie.

"Father, you need to do a better job of explaining to the Church why Sunday is the best day of the week and how Jesus loves us so much that he makes us happy."

Why is that my little friend?" asked the priest.

"Yikes, I had to explain to my parents and my brothers all about Jesus and music and sharing meals with them on the way over here. They seemed confused and asked me lots of questions." said Julie in a very concerned fashion.

Is that right, Julie?" asked the priest.

"So, if they have lots of questions, I think the rest of the people might have them too." Julie continued.

Father laughed aloud and said, "Julie that we are lucky to have great Catholics like you in our parish family.

Later Father shared Julie's concern with the whole community during his homily. They all enjoyed the story.

Julie winked at the cross and whispered to Jesus under her breath. "I love you Jesus and I think I am getting the rest of my family to love you too."

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