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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Adam and Eve Receive the Gift of a Smile

Adam and Eve Receive the Gift of a Smile

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

A long long time ago before any of us can remember, lived a wonderful couple whose names were Adam and Eve. They had everything that anyone could ever wish for. From the best food to all the land they could ever need, Adam and his wife Eve were truly blessed.

One day while watching a golden sunset, Adam called out to Eve who was on the other side of the land. “Eve, come quickly. I want to tell you about the wonderful thing that I am experiencing. So, Eve stopped immediately and came to her husband.

“Yes, Adam, what is so important?” asked Eve as she approached Adam.

“Well, I was talking to the Lord, God Almighty today. He has been truly good to me and I thought I would take the time to tell Him.”

“That is very nice.” Eve replied. Inside she still wondered why Adam wanted her right away to tell something that Eve had already known.

Adam continued, “There is more, my love. You see, I wanted a way to show God how happy I feel without using the same words over and over again.”

Eve said, “Yes, I know that feeling, my dear Adam. There are times when I feel warm inside and I want you to know it but I don’t want to bother you with a long explanation.”

Adam answered, “That is exactly what I told the Lord God and here is what happened.”

The Lord God said to Adam, “Adam you are my finest creation. After all the great things of the world, were perfected, I was ready for my masterpiece--you. Later, I added Eve to make you happy and I want the best for you every day of your life.”

Adam continued his story, “With that, the Lord God reached out His hand and blessed my mouth and then He kissed me, making the corners of my mouth rise; my senses tingle and everything around me seemed right. I felt these blessings from the Lord God deep in the core of my being.”

With that Adam said to Eve, “Watch me!” Then Adam showed eve his new smile.

Eve was amazed she said, “That is cool, Adam.” Suddenly, Eve presented Adam with her very first smile.

All of a sudden the sun’s rays came forth; the birds sang and the Lord God, himself spoke, “My children, I intend many gifts for you in your lifetime but the gift of a smile is one of my most important. I want you to share this smile with everyone and when you share a smile with someone, they will be changed inside and they in turn will pass it on to others.”

So, my little friends, the Lord God loves you with all His heart and He made you are in His very own image. In fact, you look exactly like God when you smile. So when you smile for others, they will see God. That is also why I finish all my stories with the phrase…

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