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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The Little Boy Who Thought He Lost the Sunshine

The Little Boy Who Thought He Lost the Sunshine

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Adam was a happy little boy who made always his parents very proud and very happy. His parents took him in the car on a long drive to the country to visit his Grandpa and Grandma for a vacation. Plus, it was a chance for Adam’s entire family to celebrate Adam’s his third birthday. Adam was really excited because he always had a great time at his Grandparents house.

While there, he played all day, took nice naps in the afternoon and then always had excellent suppers of his favorite home cooked foods and tasty desserts. Every night after supper Adam would go on the front porch with Grandma to watch the sun set. This area of the country was on the outskirts of the desert, the sun painted the sky with many bright colors. Grandma would tell Adam stories about all the colors and Adam would beam with the largest smile possible.

This enjoyment happened every night after dinner. Suddenly one evening everything changed. As usual, Adam jumped from his chair and ran to the porch as usual but when he arrived outside, he could not see the sun. Adam frowned, scratched his head and looked harder for the sun. Then he ran from one end of the porch to the other. Adam was confused. “What happened to the sun?” he thought. After all, it was there the other nights.

As a three year old, Adam did not understand what was gong on. So, out of despair, Adam started to cry. Hearing the little boy cry, Grandma became alarmed and quickly came out to the porch to see if she could help her grandson. Grandma took little Adam in her arms and asked, “What is wrong my sweet boy?”

“Grandma, the sun went away!” said little Adam. Grandma smiled and put Adam on her knee to tell him all about how the weather changed and that today we had both clouds and raindrops instead of the sun.

Grandma said, “God blesses us in many ways. Some days he colors the skies with sunsets and other times he wets the land with rain.” Today God’s gift was rain for the farmers who needed the moisture to grow their crops.

Adam suddenly started to laugh and he pointed to the sky saying, “Look Grandma, lots of colors.” As Adam spoke the sky was beaming with a beautiful rainbow. The rain had stopped and now the sun was coming back along with a beautiful rainbow--another gift from God.

My friends, sometimes we too get sad when we are expecting things to go exactly as we always have them. Like little Adam we get confused when there are changes. Adam experienced a change in his life’s pattern and God’s gift for that change was helping him experience the newness of the rainbow. No matter how bad things are going for you, just trust in your family and in God. God will change our troubles into rainbow, like he did for little Adam.

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