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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Telling the Truth

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Monty a happy 6 year old boy, always loved visiting his Gramma's house. Gramma lived in the big city that had lots of people. So when Monty visited his Gramma always had lots of fun.

Monty loved Gramma with all his heart and knew that spending time with her was about the best thing that he could ever do. While he was there, Gramma always took time to do the special things that Monty liked.

On this summer day, Gramma and Monty were making cookies. Not just any cookies but Monty's favorite--chocolate chip cookies.

The did all the preparation together. Gramma would pour the ingredients in the bowl and Monty would stir. As they did these things, they passed loving glances to one another. Monty was very happy!

Once the cookies were in the oven Gramma and Monty went to the garden and drank lemonade. Soon the smell of fresh cookie wandered into the garden and Monty got even more excited as the smells grew stronger.

At last Gramma, said, "Monty, I think the cookies are ready." So, after picking up the lemonade glasses, they headed into the kitchen.

When in the kitchen, Gramma got the big oven mittens to take the cookies out of the oven. Just as the cookies came out of the oven Gramma looked startled because suddenly the doorbell rang.

Gramma set the hot cookies on top of the stove and responded to the doorbell. Gramma turned to Monty and said, "Please do not to touch cookies, Monty, because they are very hot. I will come back quickly."

Off Gramma when to answer the doorbell. So, with Gramma gone Monty looked longingly at the cookies. He imagined what they would taste like and his mouth watered as he was enjoying the cookies' awesome smell.

Time moved slowly and it seemed Gramma gone for a long time--over 5 min. Monty could not wait. Soon, he pulled a chair to the oven and then reached for a cookie on the nearest tray.

Suddenly with a bang, the tray fell to the ground and cookies were spread everywhere. "Oh no!" cried Monty. Monty was now in a dilemma--what should he do?

Lots of ideas ran through Monty's head. Should he run and hide? Should he call Gramma? Should he call the dog and then blame the dog?

Take a minute now and tell someone what you would do.

Of course, Monty did the right thing and called for his Gramma. Although Gramma was disappointed that the cookies we all spoiled, she was more concerned that Monty was not burned.

Later Gramma told Monty that she was a little disappointed that he did not wait for the cookies but that she was very pleased and happy that Monty told the truth.

My little friends, God is calling all of us to be truthful in all things and to trust that God will make all things right. This is what happened to Monty and it would happen to you, too.

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