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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Learning to Love God and Thunder Storms

Learning to Love God and Thunder Storms

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Once again Nicky was visiting his grandmother in the country while his parents were away at the sea shore. As usual, he was having a great time. From eating great deserts to playing in her huge back yard all the way to enjoying the old-time stories, Nicky loved these very special trips to Grandma’s.

On this night Nicky was watching the lightning and the hard rain of a thunderstorm from the bedroom window in Grandma’s house. Nicky’s face was full of wonder as the sky flashed with lightening; the rain fell with loud splashes and the thunder made bold noises. When he was younger, these types of storms made him cry and run to his room. Now that he was older, he knew he was safe and he was no longer scared. In fact, Nicky looked forward to all of the sounds, sights, smells and excitement of thunderstorms.

As he watched, time flew quickly and suddenly, Grandma opened the door. She stood in the doorway enjoying Nicky’s laughter.

Soon Grandma laughed herself and said, “Well, my dear Nicky, you have changed quite a bit this year. Last year when we had a thunderstorm, you were scared and cried all night. Now you are enjoying all the noises, sounds and sights God provides.”

“Grandma, we learned in school that thunder storms are caused by warm, moist air and humid air. Plus, there are thousands of thunderstorms every year and only a few cause problems. So, now that I understand, I am less scared” said Nicky proudly.

“Interesting,” said Grandma. “That is exactly the way it is with God. When you know God and love God, then you learn to trust God. Then life is no longer scary.”

Grandma, then reached out and hugged Nicky, saying, “I am very happy with you” Nicky smiled shyly as Grandma said further, “Sometimes we don’t know what is going too happened to us but when we understand that God has only the best in mind for us, we can laugh and relax.”

Nicky again said proudly, “I know Grandma, just like you always have the best things in mind for me and you make me laugh.”

Another huge grin came across Grandma’s face as she said, “Speaking of the best, would you like some apple pie before you go to sleep? I think it may be my best made?”

“Yes!” Nicky said as he jumped and ran to Grandma.

My friends, learning more about the things that scare us can often help us to understand things better. From thunderstorms to spiders and loud noises, a little learning goes a long way to making us happy.

Most of all, learning about God will make outlives happier and allows us to live a happier life.

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