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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Lost and Found at the Beach

Lost and Found at the Beach

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

It was a sunny day at the beach when Mike and his mother arrived for a day of swimming and relaxing. Five year old Mike loved the beach. The salt smell tickled his nose. The crashing sound of the water was very soothing to him. Plus, the many sites of people, the waves and sea animals enchanted him. Finally, Mike always thought that the food his mother brought with them tasted better at the beach than it did at their home.

Soon, after they had set their place on the beach, Mike became overwhelmed with all the activity. To his right was a family with a big brown dog. They would throw a toy and the dog would chase it; catch it and return it to the family. That was a really fun dog! Mike always wanted a dog of his own. Mike felt himself moving towards the family as he watched.

Next, Mike became focused on the ocean. The water was very rough that day. The waves were huge and they changed to white foam as they roughly crashed into the beach. It was fun watching the teen-agers play in the waves. As he stared at all this activity, Mike felt himself moving towards the water as he watched.

Finally, Mike was hungry. He turned towards his mother to see if she was hungry too when Mike had a big surprise. His mother was GONE! All this time he was focusing on other people, Mike had been walking away from his mother’s side. Where was his mother?

Inside Mike was frightened. He tried to call out but words would not come to him. Like the waves that crashed on the beach, the tears started to crash down Mike’s face. He began to shake and cry! He thought he was lost! What would he do?

Suddenly, Mike felt a warm hand on his shoulder. It was his mother! Oh what a relief.

Mother said, “What is the problem my sweet Mike? I was watching you the whole time. I would never leave you alone.”

Mike felt so much better. He really thought that he was alone but his mother was close by. Mike could relax again. After letting out a deep breath, Mike smiled and said, “Mother, I love you and I never want to be without you.” In a burst, he grabbed mother’s hand and they went off to the water.

My friends, God is much like Mike’s mother. He is there for us even if we are not paying attention in our lives. When we start to get lost, just call out the name of “Jesus” and you will be relieved.

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