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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Amy the Rabbit Gets Into a Tight Spot

Amy the Rabbit Gets Into a Tight Spot

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Once upon a time in a forest far away, there was a lovely rabbit named Amy. Amy was scared and crying because she had lost her way in the great forest. It happened so suddenly! Amy had been joyfully walking with her family when all of a sudden a big brown bear appeared. Amy's day shouted, "Run!" Everyone in Amy's family was forced to run as fast as they could. In fact, they all ran in different directions.

Amy ran as fast as she could. Just as she was getting tired from moving her tiny feet she saw a hollowed log lying on its side in the deep brush. Amy ran to the log and darted inside a hollow log to hide. Amy went very deep into the log and snuggled into some leaves so to blend her color with the color of the leaves. "Finding this log was lucky," thought Amy, "That big bear can't fit into this little log.

As Amy sat in the log, she was very scared. She thought of all the wonderful times she had with her brothers and sisters. She hoped that they we doing well and that the bear did not find them. Before she knew it, Amy fell into a deep sleep inside the log. Time passed quickly then.

Hearing a loud sound, Amy suddenly awoke. "What was that sound, she thought?"

It happened again. Amy laughed to herself, "Oh gosh, that is the old red rooster singing away in the nearby farmer's fields." Amy smiled.

Within a few seconds, she realized that she had slept all night in the hollow log. Amy thought to herself, "I have been here for hours and I will never find my family."

Amy thought the she needed to start searching for her family. So, Amy popped her head outside to see if was safe. It seemed quiet and she could not hear any sounds. So, she jumped out! Amy stood up on her hind legs and looked across the field. Suddenly she saw the bear and was frozen in silence.

"Oh no!" Amy thought. Then the bear looked at her with a deep stare. The bear licked its lips and started to move slowly towards Amy.

"Help!" cried Amy. Then Amy became so stiff that she could not move her body. Amy was frozen in fear. Amy closed her eyes as the bear came closer. Amy thought, "This is the end. I hope somehow I can be saved."

Suddenly, Amy felt a pull on her back fur and in a split second, Amy felt like she was flying in the air. Amy slowly opened her eyes and noticed that, yes; she was now flying through the sky.

Amy started to cry when the large bird who has carried her away whispered, "Relax my little friend, I saved you from being the bear's breakfast. You can trust me."

Amy replied, "Trust you. I think that you want me for your breakfast."

The large bird laughed and said "Well, actually, I am not hungry at this moment."

"Oh great," though Amy, "he is not hungry now but later he will be and he have a taste for some fresh rabbit stew."

After a few minutes, the large bird landed in a huge nest on top of the forest's tallest tree. She put Amy down and sat next to Amy.

"Hi, I am Mick the Great Eagle and I was happy to save you today. What is your name? What can I do to assist you?"

"My name is Amy and I just want to be with my parents" exclaimed Amy and she started to cry.

With what looked like a smile on his beak, Mick stated, "Ok, my new friend Amy, I will help find your parents but it must be in the day. I need a nap right now and I invite you to nap also."

"Oh very funny," Amy shouted back at Mick, "Then you will you eat me when I am sleeping."

"No, no" said Mick the Great Eagle, "my mission in life is to save people and animals, not to hurt them. Mick stated further "Amy, just trust in me and everything will be alright." Then Mick put his beak over Amy and breathed upon her.

At once Amy felt relaxed. So, Amy the Rabbit crawled into a little ball and fell asleep. Inside, he was scared but some how she knew if she trusted the big bird things would be better.

My friends, the next time we will journey with Amy and Mick on an adventure to find Amy's family. I hope that you are happy and are enjoying your family. Your family is special—they are one of God's gifts to you. So, treasure your family always! Keep Smilin! - Deacon Tom

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