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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The Bluebird Gets Lost

The Bluebird Gets Lost

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

A bluebird was flying one afternoon when he suddenly realized he was lost. Bluebirds live in the woods and in the forest. He was flying and suddenly there was a large body of water. As he flew along the water, he realized he was on the the coastline.

Suddenly, he heard a loud crying sound coming from the beach. The bluebird was puzzled and continued to fly until he heard the sound once again. Stopping his afternoon flight, the bluebird headed toward the sound.

On the beach was a large grey cat that was caught in the beach seaweed. The cat had been there for hours upon hours and now was both hungry and thirsty. All the cat could do was cry aloud for help.

The bluebird soon saw the cat. This was a real problem for the bluebird. If the cat was desperate and hungry, the first thing the cat might do would eat the nearest bird. Of course, that was not a good option for the bluebird. So, the bluebird started to fly away.

As the bluebird headed out to sea, the cat saw him. With the loudest cry imaginable, the cat cried out, "Mr. Bluebird, please help me!"

The bluebird could not help but hear the voice of the cat, so he changed his flight again and headed back towards the beach. As he got close to the cat but still at a safe distance, the bird said, "Oh no, Mr. Cat, I don't trust you. You will eat me the first chance that you have, I know it."

The cat now had the problem. Yes, the bluebird looked tasty and he sure was hungry. What was the cat to do? So, the cat pleaded, "Mr. Bluebird, I promise that I won't eat you! Please help me, I am desperate."

Once again, the bluebird was cautious. Why would he go near a desperate cat, regardless of what the cat said to him. So, the bluebird said, "Mr. Cat, I need a few minutes to think about this. You cats have eaten lots of birds and I am not sure if I should go near you."

The cat just continued to scream as the bluebird hovered above him on the beach. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, the bluebird saw something move along the beach. It was a strange looking animal that was short, flat and had what looked like scissors for hands.

The bluebird flew near this strange animal and said, "Hmm, excuse me sir or madam or whatever you are. Can I ask you a small favor?"

"Whatever I am! Well that is an insult. Can't you see that I am a beautiful blue crab? Why should I help someone so rude?" said the crab as he leaned back and pushed his claws in the air.

"Oh no sir, I meant no disrespect Mr. Blue crab. In fact, it is sort of nice that we have the same first name--blue. I am a blue bird. I am actually a bluebird with a problem," answered the bird.

"Okay," said the blue crab, "What's up?"

The bluebird explained the cat's situation and that how the bluebird could not leave any animal to die even if it were someone who endangered him. The bluebird told the blue crab that he wanted to help but did not want to die himself by getting to close to the cat.

So, the blue crab decided to help the bird by cutting the seaweed for the cat.

Now the cat was very nervous because the blue crab told him to be still and not try any tricks. Actually, the cat was afraid of the crab. The cat closed his eyes and said, "Go ahead and cut but please don't cut me with those big hands of yours?"

In the end, the cat went free; the crab had good exercise for his claws and the bluebird headed back to the forest knowing that he had helped in a good deed.

My friends, this is a story of three animals that would never get along but in this special situation, they worked together and solved their problem. In our world people often don't get along because they have problems, too. If we all could trust God to help up find solutions, then even people who are very difference can get along like the bluebird, the cat and the blue crab did.

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