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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Dylan's Big Surprise

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

Once upon at time there was a smart and cheerful young man named Dylan. Dylan was always helping other people, especially his family. In fact, his mother and father really loved to all the nice things that Dylan did for people.

One day his jolly Uncle Fred came to visit Dylan and his family. Uncle Fred came all the way from Alaska. Uncle Fred was really excited to see Dylan and his family especially since they lived in the warm desert of Arizona. What a change for Uncle Fred coming from the deep snow of Alaska to warm sunny Arizona.

Dylan really was looking forward to seeing Uncle Fred because they always had fun and this time they were going to play video games and Dylan was sure that could beat Uncle Fred every time. Plus, they were going to do other things like playing golf. So, Dylan was really looking forward to having a good time and they were going have fun together.

Dylan had a secret that he kept from Uncle Fred. He and his family had special plans for a big surprise. Of course Uncle Fred did not have a clue.

So, one day, they all went on a picnic in the city. When everyone was sitting and enjoying themselves, when Dylan jumped up and said, "Surprise!"

Uncle Fred asked, "What is this all about?"

Dylan shouted, "Happy Birthday!"

Then Dylan started his family singing and suddenly lots of people in the park were singing too. Uncle Fred was so surprised that he started to get all red in the face. Uncle Fred really appreciated Dylan for being such a thoughtful and kind nephew. So, Uncle Fred asked Dylan to blow out the all candles and then gave him a big hug to thank him. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed lots of cake, ice cream and especially each other's company.

On the way back home, Mom and Dad gave Dylan a big hug, too, for being so thoughtful and kind. They appreciated how Dylan remembered other people and how that he always took the time to be kind.

My friends, all of us can be like Dylan. We just need to remember others. The joy that we give others by being kind to them is one of the nicest gifts they ever receive. Can you take the time to be nice to a family member, neighbor or friend? It will make them happy and you will find that it will make you happy too.

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