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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Emmy Hears A Funny Sound

Emmy Hears A Funny Sound

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

On a cold damp and rainy day, Emmy was sitting by herself at her grandmother’s house playing with grandma’s beautiful brown spotted tabby cat, named Buttons. Buttons and Emmy were having a great time. Emmy loved to sing to Buttons. Somehow, even Buttons seemed to understand Emmy’s love for her.

Every time Emmy came to visit, Buttons would jump with excitement. She would run and Buttons would follow closely. Of course, Emmy loved the attention and she really loved Buttons. Other times, Emmy loved to read with Buttons sleeping on her lap.

On this day, Emmy felt something funny when Buttons was on her lap. Emmy got really scared and called out to her Grandma. “Grandma, something is happening with Buttons. I think she is sick.” Emmy was very nervous.

“What is the problem Emmy?” Grandma replied as she walked into the room to see what the difficulty was.

“Well, Buttons is making funny sounds and I think she swallowed something because she is vibrating” little Emmy replied.

Grandma laughed aloud and said. “Oh my sweet child, Buttons is fine, she is purring.”

Emmy made a funny face and replied, “Purring? What is purring?”

Grandma explained to Emmy all about Buttons’ purring. “It is also a way that cats communicate,” said Grandma. “A mother cat purrs to let her kittens know she is nearby, and kittens purr in response to their mother's grooming. Some kittens even purr to get adults to play. Mostly Buttons purrs because she is happy and she loves you.”

With a huge smile Emmy stood up, ran to hug Grandma and said, “I wish I could purr Grandma, and then I would purr when I am around you. You make me happy and I love you with all my heart. You are the best grandma in the world!”

After loving Grandma, Emmy hugged Buttons tightly; snuggled with Buttons and continued her reading. Grandma beamed with a huge smile; twinkled from the tears in her eyes and was delighted as she thanked God for her wonderful gifts of grandchildren and pets.

My friends, cats purr when they are happy. It would be really cool if we humans could purr too but that is a special gift that God gave to the cats. God gave us the ability to tell people we are happy by using our voices. However, we can pretend to purr. The next time someone makes your happy, like you parents or brothers and sisters, take a minute to tell them you love them. The give them a hug and pretend you are purring! It will be fun!

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