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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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The Grasshopper

by Aneel Aranha

There was once a grasshopper who used to jump and play and sing in the sunshine. He was a happy grasshopper.

One day it began to rain and the grasshopper went into a dark cave cut into the side of a mountain to take shelter. The rain continued to fall ceaselessly, day after day. It rained for so long that the grasshopper forgot what it was like to dance in the sunshine.

After many months, the rain stopped. But the grasshopper didn't go outside even though it could see the sunlight shining at the mouth of the cave. It had become too accustomed to the dark cave.

Then suddenly there came a time when a river broke through the cave and carried the grasshopper out into the open. It lay there spluttering on the green grass until the sun dried it.

The grasshopper jumped a few times, wondering why he didn't break. Then he jumped a few more times, springing higher and higher each time, until he began bounding about in joy, suddenly singing and dancing again.

The grasshopper had learned to dance again.

Did you like this story? Did it say anything to you? Write to me at aneelaranha@gmail.com and let me know.

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