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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: Jack Learns About the Poor and Sick Children

Jack Learns About the Poor and Sick Children

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

After a long day at school, Jack was home with his parents watching the television news. Like most nights, Jack was not very interested in the news. As a six year old, he would have been happy watching cartoons all of the time. However, his parents wanted Jack to understand a little bit of the world, so they encouraged him to join them for the news show.

On this particular night, Jack was looking at ceiling and playing with his fingers. In short, Jack was very bored! So, Dad put his arm around Jack and started to explain the news to him. When a section about third world poverty was introduced, Dad said, "Jack, I want you to pay attention!"

"Yes, Daddy" said Jack. Soon Jack became sad that there were people who were begging for food and that there were children who were very sick.

Jack was very touched by the sick children and asked his Dad, "Why are there so many people who are sick?"

His Dad replied, "Oh my lovely boy, that is a very complicated question but I will tell you that those of us who are feeling well always need to do something to help others who are less fortunate."

Dad continued, saying, "In fact, Jesus spent much of his time among the poor and the sick. He cured them; loved them and cared for them. Shortly, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we will hear the story of how God was born in the poorest of ways. Jesus did that to show those who are poor and sick today that he came for everyone, especially them."

"I remember, Jesus was born with the cows and the donkeys in the same stable," said Jack. "How can I help those sick people Daddy?"

Dad thought for a minute and said, "Jack, we all can help by not wasting the things we have; by giving some of our money to those who don't have enough and finally by praying for all of them."

Suddenly, Jack ran upstairs. In a flash he returned with his piggy bank that was full of coins. "Daddy, can I send some of my money to the poor and sick children?" asked Jack.

Fighting back a tear in his eye, Jack's day said, "Of course you can, Jack."

So Jack and his Dad spent the rest of the night counting Jack's coins and preparing them to be sent to the missions for the poor and the sick.

My friends, Jesus has blessed most of us with many gifts. Some of us have more than others. Those with more should be available to share their gifts with those who have less. Today, ask yourself if you have helped a sick or poor person lately. I bet you can talk with your family and see what kinds of ideas you can come up with to help the poor and sick.

God Bless You,
Deacon Tom

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