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Monday, August 20, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The Most Important Christmas Gift

The Most Important Christmas Gift

by Deacon Tom Frankenfield

The day had finally arrived-it was Christmas! Helen and her 6 year old sister, Joan were so excited that they could hardly sleep the night before. They stayed awake in their room for the longest time, giggling and whispering ideas about what gifts they were going to receive.

Soon it was morning. It really was that big day-it was Christmas! Dad called them to come into the main room of the house. With all the speed a 4 year old could create, she ran into the room. "Wow, this is cool!" said little Helen. All the lights were on; the food smelled great and everyone was very excited. Helen just stared straight ahead with a huge smile on her face. Denis truly loved Christmas.

Helen's parents sat on the sofa waiting for the girls to get ready. Soon, Mom told the girls that it was time to start. "Oh super, here we go," Helen thought to herself. Everything seemed so fresh and new.

As a happy 4 year old Helen was really experiencing this Christmas in a new and special way. This was a "big girl" Christmas for her. She told everyone that she was no longer a baby and to prove it she was even giving gifts for the first time. Helen was silly in her excitement.

"Here we go!" Dad said as he started the fun proceedings. He invited the 2 girls to the couch and the family held hands together in a circle. Next, Dad started the traditional family prayer. Dad thanked God for all the wonderful things that continue to bless his family. Mom also added prayers for all who were poor and lonely on this Christmas. Then Little Helen took a piece of paper from her pocket.

With great pride and excitement Helen was ready to say her prayer. Helen had been working on this for all of the Advent season. She did not know how to write, so she drew her prayer in picture. With great passion, Helen said,

"Thank you God for all the wonderful things that you have given me."

"Thank you for my Mommy and Daddy" she read that from a picture of her parents that she had drawn on the paper.

"Thank you for my best friend and sister, Joan, she plays with me all the time."

"Thank you for our cat, Bailey, especially when he curls on my lap and purrs."

Helen paused and with the greatest reverence possible, she said, "Most of all thank you for giving us the baby Jesus, so that Christmas could be possible. I love you Jesus!"

Then with great poise, she folded her paper and gave it to her parents. As you might expect, her parents were very proud of Helen.

Next, the family listened to the nice prayer by her sister Joan. When Joan was done, Dad said," Are you ready for your best Christmas gift? "Yes" shouted the two girls.

So, Mom took the baby Jesus out of the special wrapping and placed in the manger that was on the fireplace in the center of the main room. Then together, they all sang, "Joy to the World." What a beautiful sound, thought Dad and Mother.

After giving each other a big hug, they began the exchange of Christmas gifts. Helen's smile glowed all of Christmas Day.

My friends, in spite of what you see on the television or hear from others, Jesus is our best gift at Christmas. Jesus comes to us as a baby and stays with us for a lifetime.

Jesus comes to our hearts to give us hope-Jesus is the hope of Christmas.

Jesus comes to give us joy-Jesus is the joy of Christmas.

Even if you never received a wrapped gift under a Christmas tree, know that your best Christmas gift is Jesus. It is a gift that lasts for eternity. Merry Christmas and May the Baby Jesus bless you today and every day.

With Joy and Love,
Deacon Tom

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