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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The Magic Wishing Well

The Magic Wishing Well

by Aneel Aranha

The old king looked sadly into the magic wishing well.

He had once been a farmer. One day, when he was exploring the forest that bordered his farm, he stumbled across a well. "Hello!" he had exclaimed in surprise. To his astonishment, the well answered back, "Hello!"

In a few moments, he discovered that the well was magic and all he had to do was wish for something, and it would be granted. His eyes glowing, he began wishing for food, then clothes, then money, and before long he was asking for bigger and grander things.

Now he was a king, and he had everything possible, with one exception. He didn't have happiness.

He looked into the well, trying to remember the last time he had really been happy. He realized it was when he was a farmer. Though he didn't have much, he was content with what he had - until he came across the wishing well, and then he was never content again.

As he looked into the well, he murmured, "I wish I was a farmer again" not realizing that he had just made another wish in front of the magic well. Instantly, he was transformed back into the farmer he used to be.

He stood still for a long moment, thinking. Then smiling, he left the well and returned to his field. There was plowing to be done.

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