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Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Storybook: The Gardener and the Seed

The Gardener and the Seed

by Aneel Aranha

There once lived a gardener who tended to a huge garden. He worked in the garden all by himself, and though it was a laborious task with all the digging, fertizing, watering, trimming and shaping that he had to do, the gardener didn't mind because he loved his work, and as he had discovered a long time ago, that made it fun.

Every month, the gardener would go to the market and look for new seeds to plant. During one such visit, he met a chubby little man who offered to sell him some seed. One of them was a strange blue colored seed that he had never seen before. "You need a lot of patience," the chubby man warned, "because this plant takes a long time to sprout. And a longer time to flower."

The gardener was a very patient man so this didn't trouble him, though the other instructions the man gave him did bother him a little. "Plant the tree in the very center of the garden, away from all other plants. Water it six times a day and make sure it is always shaded during noon." There were other instructions which the gardener made a note of, before the chubby man left saying, "Patience. Remember some things in life are worth waiting for."

The gardener planted the seed and followed the instructions to the letter. Many days passed before a tiny sapling poked its head through the wet earth. It didn't look like anything special. A few weeks went by before it began growing, thin and spindly. It still didn't look like anything special. If anything, it actually looked ugly, with crooked branches growing from its stem.

A full year passed by. The other servants began to make fun of the gardener, asking him why he was lavishing so much of attention on what, to all appearances, looked like a stick stuck in the ground. The gardener began to wonder himself, but every time he felt like uprooting it and tossing it into the ire, the final words of the chubby man rang through his mind, and he decided to give it a little more time.

One bright morning the gardener walked into the garden and felt his jaw drop in amazement. There, in the center of the garden, stooed the little tree covered with the most beautiful flowers he had ever laid his eyes on. An electric blue, they sparkled in the sunlight like shaved sapphires. "Yes," he whispered in awe, when he was able to use his mouth again, "some things in life are worth waiting for."

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