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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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The Funny Bone: Week 05

School Daze: 1

At school one day, a teacher said to her naughtiest student, "I've had to punish you every day this week, Dave. What have you got to say for yourself?" "I'm so glad it's finally the weekend!" replied Dave.

School Daze: 2

A teacher saw a student crawling into class one day, and asked why he was doing that.
The boy said, "Because class has already started and you warned us not to dare WALK into class if we were late!"

Sunday School

The Cathechism teacher once asked her student, "Malcolm, do you want to go to heaven?"
Malcolm replied, "No teacher, I'd better not. My mother told me to come straight home after Cathechism."

Wiz Kid

Terry said to his friend Barry, "My little brother is only three, and he can already spell his name backwards!"
Barry replied, "That's amazing! What's his name?"
"Otto," said Terry.

Parent Trouble

Simon said to his friend Brendan, "My dad is always yelling when I play football, and telling me what to do."
"Does that bother you?" asked Brendan.
"Well, I don't stand outside his office window and tell him how to write letters, do I?" said an irritated Simon.

Lion King

A lion was feeling mean one day and when he met a monkey, he grabbed him and roared, "Who is the King of the Jungle?"
"You are, oh mighty lion," replied the trembling monkey.
Next, the lion met a tiger and again he roared, "Who is the King of the Jungle?"
"You are, oh mighty lion," said the tiger.
The lion then met an elephant and asked, "Who is the King of the Jungle?".
The elephant without a word, grabbed the lion with his trunk, whirled him about and threw him to the ground.
The lion then said in a small voice, "You don't need to be so rough with me, just because you don't know the answer."

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