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Friday, June 22, 2018
Inside HSI Kids

Things2Make: Tail of the Donkey

by Bob Shaw

Paper, cardboard, blue-tack, paint, a blind fold.

Draw a large donkey (Without a tail) on a big piece of cardboard or paper. Cut it out and paint it. Stick or tape it to a door or wall. Draw a separate tail on a piece of cardboard and attach some bluetack to the top of it.

Game Play:
The object of the game is to stick the tail of the donkey as close to its correct position as possible. The child is blind folded then span around in a couple of circles and eventually pointed towards the donkey. He/she then wanders over and sticks the tail on. The position where the tail was stuck is then marked with the child's name and it is the next child's chance to have a turn. The winner is the one who gets the tail in the closest position.

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