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The Cockatiel

The Cockatiel

by Leonard Rego

Have you ever caught yourself talking to animals at the zoo? You've probably had a cat or dog as a pet at some time or the other, and have spoken to them like you'd speak to a friend. I'll bet you've sometimes wished they could actually talk back!

Well, if you had a cockatiel (pronounced cock-uh-tee-il), it probably would, as long as you trained him or her to say what you wanted - after all, they do belong to the parrot family!

Although their 'voices' aren't as clear as those of larger parrots, and they aren't really the best choice if you're looking for a talking bird, cockatiels make great companions - they love to be handled and stroked, perch squarely on your shoulder as you walk about the place, take fruit from your hands, and are as loving as they are lovable!

This bird is native to Australia (don't expect it to have an Australian accent, or say "G'day mate" without teaching it to!), and flocks of hundreds of these birds fly wild in most of the inner regions of the country. Best of all, they're quite easy to care for, and inexpensive to buy, unlike larger parrots like African Greys and Cockatoos. Also, they do not fall ill as easily as larger parrots and other birds do, and chances are they will be around for as long as twenty years, well after you've graduated from college! cockatiel

  1. Before you buy your cockatiel
  2. Choosing your pet
  3. Care and feeding
  4. A name for your cockatiel
  5. cockatiel Trivia

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