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The Cockatiel

Choosing your pet

Cockatiel image courtesy: http://www.aaawebmaster.com/cockatiel/ It is best to start off with just one of these pretty birds, and look for one that is at least eight weeks old, so as to be sure it has learned to eat by itself, although you'd probably be much better off buying one that is about five to six months old, by which time it has developed fully.

Here's a new twist to the selecting game - let your cockatiel choose you! The one that's bright-eyed and friendly will come up to you and step-up, and might even want to sit on your shoulder while you stroke its head lightly. If you don't find one that does this, don't lose heart! It just means that it has to get to know you better before it can trust you fully. It's mother probably taught it never to talk to strangers!

'tiels are fussy eaters, and you should ask the pet store owner what the one you choose has been weaned on. Avoid seed-eating 'tiels because they could, in time, develop a disease called fatty liver syndrome.

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