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A name for your dog

The thing about the usual dog names is that they're soooo boring! Rover, Fido, Spot and Lassie make it to the top of this 'boring' list, so be creative when choosing a name for your tyke. Here are some you might want to think about.

Some interesting names for male dogs:

  1. Scamp (for a mongrel)
  2. Slim Jim (for a greyhound)
  3. Doglas (as in Douglas)
  4. Al (for an Alsatian)
  5. Tyson (for a boxer)
  6. Mr. Sausage (for a dachshund)
  7. Yorkie (for a Yorkshire terrier)

Some interesting names for female dogs:

  1. Vixen (for a fox terrier)
  2. Polka (for a Dalmatian)
  3. Golda (for a golden retriever)
  4. Spaniella (for a cocker spaniel)
  5. Oodle (for a poodle)

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