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The Hamster

Before you buy your hamster

image courtesy http://members.shaw.ca/petitepaws/ Before you begin a mouse-hunt ( I just had to say that!) for your hamster at the nearest pet store, first find out whether your mum, dad and your brothers and sisters, if you have any, would like a hamster as a pet. If they're cool with the idea, then go for it. But on the way to the store, or even while you're there, pick up a book on caring for hamsters.

Here's the deal: mum and dad could pay for the book, and at least a suitable cage with a floor covering and nesting material, an exercise wheel, a water bottle and some food. You and your siblings could pool your weekly allowance together to buy your new golden-furred pet.

Hamsters are nocturnal, so don't be disappointed if yours sleeps a lot during the day and wakes up in the evening. That's probably a good thing if you get back from school in the evening, because he or she will rise and shine to greet you then! By the way, they have terrible eyesight, but a superb sense of smell and terrific hearing.

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