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Green Iguanas

Before you buy your Iguana

image courtesy PetPlace.com Get a book! I know, I know, I do always recommend reading up on the pet you want to buy, but that's probably the best advice I've given anyone wanting to own one. It's not possible to give you all of the information you need about keeping a pet in one little article, and that's especially true when it comes to caring for an animal like an iguana.

Eventually, Iggy will grow to between five and six feet, and you have to consider this as well: would you want to share your room with him after a few years, and stand by him until he reaches the ripe old age of 20 or thereabouts?

First off, remember that he will want to spread his legs, so to speak, so getting a large-enough aquarium is a good start. A 60 gallon one is apt, and you should take care not to place sharp or jagged objects in the aquarium. Shoo away the urge to use artificial plants and flowers, bark, stones and gravel in Iggy's enclosure. Trust me, he won't miss them, and besides, they often increase the risk of him swallowing small pieces of such items.

Get the humidity and temperature specifications right, according to what the book recommends, well before you bring him home. No one likes a frigid reception, not even a cold-blooded reptile!

More about the homecoming later; let's move on to choosing an iguana first.

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