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by Leonard Rego

So, how good are you at solving riddles? Are you a regular Sherlock or would you rather just go fishing? Either way, you should get the answer to this one! What has two pincers, lives in the water, waits patiently for dinner to swim by, and is so yummy, it sometimes even finds its way into your tummy?

I knew you'd guess it right! Yes, it's a lobster, an animal that is often called a 'crayfish' in parts of the world like New Zealand and Australia. I know the question that's simmering on the tip of your tongue: "What? A lobster as a pet?"

And why not, I ask. I know people who've kept grasshoppers and preying mantises as pets! Trust me, lobsters are every bit as entertaining as any irregular pet, and make a great wet subject for when the conversation has dried up at a party! lobster

  1. Before you buy your lobster
  2. Choosing your pet
  3. Care and feeding
  4. A name for your lobster
  5. Lobster Trivia

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