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Choosing your pet

lobster image courtesy: http://www.deanwelsh.com/ They say your home is a reflection of you. This is true for lobsters as well, and dirty, badly filtered water could mean that your lobster could be infected and ill. Look out for 'annelid' parasites which often appear as tiny white leech-like worms on the shell of the lobster. Also look for cysts or flat or round white worms on its shell and tail. You should be watchful for other types of fungal and bacterial infections, and a knowledgeable pet store attendant will be able to help you choose a healthy lobster.

The one you choose should be alert, although there's no real way of telling just how alert he is, because they often lie motionless in their tanks.

Make sure you choose just one lil' critter for your tank, because they are very territorial, and their parents never teach them to share anything, least of all their homes. If kept together, they will often fight to the death, and a lobster without a claw is a sorry sight.

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